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Dear KiK Please Give Me My Account Back.

Before I launch into my actual problem with KiK I’m going to give you a brief history of issues with my email  address and why I hate sites that use your email account as a login or any type of account tracker.

Ahh the fantastic joy of getting an early beta invite to Gmail.  I’m one of the cool kids who got the name he wanted and not modified in anyway, no numbers filling in for letters, didn’t need to tag some numbers on the end of it…  Man this is awesome.

That is until Gmail became ubiquitous.   I’m not going to give out my actual address but let’s just say it’s very common and popular.  So we will just say my address is  Cool right, no it’s a nightmare and this is why.  Every person with John.Smith variations at some point registers on a site and forgets to add the variation to it.  So John.Smith74 forgets to add the 74 and I end up getting all his registration info.  Most sights are smart, they require you to verify that are not making a mistake and force you to reply from that email  address.   Many sites however do not do this, so I will end up getting John.Smith74s crap forever until I go to the site change the password and remove John.Smith74s access to  the site.  I will also often go to register for a site or service only to find that my e-mail address has already been used.  This brings you up to date.

A week ago I try to register for KiK.  Hmmm I already have an account, maybe I signed up a long time ago or something.  None of my passwords work, ok no big deal I’ll just reset them.  Go through the reset process.  Get into the account and hey look at this some Asian guy has been using this account.   Again not going to give out the real info but let’s just say the username  he used looks like someone just hit the keyboard so my username is basically adfskhl .  No big deal how do I change the username, hmmm nothing in the menus, I bet I can do it on the website.  Hmm

“Your Kik username can’t be changed. But you can change your display name!
On Kik your username is your identity and is unique to you. This is how we connect you with your friends on Kik.
If you’d like a new Kik username, you’ll need to register a new account with a different email address.”

Well surely that’s just there to discourage dopey people who want to constantly change the account name.  I’m sure once I explain my situation to them they will take pity on me.  I emailed support twice now and have gotten nothing.

So because of KiKs total lack of e-mail authentication and security I know have two options.  One either use a different email address which I really don’t want to or feel should be forced to.  Or the second option, every single time I want to add someone on KiK I have to give them fadskhl as my username.