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Facebook Security and Privacy Tips

Nice article from ESET about Facebook settings.:

“Facebook settings explained

The only way to keep data truly private is not to share it on Facebook at all. But there are steps users can take using their Facebook settings to manage the way the social network uses data – and it’s worth refreshing your account, privacy-wise, even if you’re a seasoned and security-conscious site user, as new ‘features’ from Facebook often seem to involve further security concerns.

The most important thing to remember is that simply visiting the Facebook Settings menu is not enough. It’s a good first step, allowing you to take control of who you share posts with (see step one), how to control what other people post about you (step two) and apply quick controls to older posts (step three). But for a “deep clean”, you need to visit your profile page as well (click on your portrait in the top left of the main News Feed), and do some tidying in Activity Log, which details all your past posts and posts you have been tagged in (steps two and three). Facebook’s own guide to privacy offers some useful advice, broken down by section.

If you want to take control of your Facebook settings, it’s best done from a PC or Mac – Facebook’s mobile apps don’t offer the fine control that the browser version does.

Below are five quick steps to changing your Facebook settings and to ensure you’re managing what people know about you effectively.”