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Short Delia Derbyshire Documentary

Delia Derbyshire is a personal hero of mine.  For those who don’t who she is, she was a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and a pioneer of electronic music.  Her works today sound like simple arrangements done with synthesizers but this was long before there were any synchs anywhere in the world.  Her arrangements are actually found sounds and generated tones.  These were record to tape and a manipulated in any number of ways.  Every sound and note is actually a different tape edit.  Everything you here was painstakingly cut and edited by hand, layers upon layers of edits and loops.  At times her tape loops would grow so long they would run the length of the hallway at the workshop.  She is responsible for one of the greatest and well known Television themes in history and she never received credit.


She record and arranged the Dr Who theme.  Composer Ron Grainer wanted her to have a credit admitting that the works greatness was totally the result of Delia.  However the BBC denied this and it was the ethos of the Radiophonic Workshop that no one member would ever take credit.  Recently after her death a cache of tapes containing unheard compositions was found including the worlds first electronic dance track written and composed at least a decade before anyone else came up with idea.

The Delian Mode (Kara Blake, 2009) by anaimiaktion

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