Spam Nation by Brian Krebs.

One of the questions I get asked most frequently by customers is why people create malware. The answer is it’s a easy way for Russian criminals to make money. They take over your computer to perpetrate any number of money making operations for them.

Spam Nation tells the story of how Brian Krebs infiltrated one of these gangs and covers in depth how they would use malware to send out spam which would advertise various prescription drugs. It’s an amazing in depth story with a number of surprises along the way. For example not only do customers who order prescription drugs from spam often receive the exact product they ordered, these drugs are shipped from the same factories in India that provided drugs to American pharmacies.

Over the years I have heard countless conspiracy theories about malware, none of them based in reality if you want to know the real story and how these entire shadow industry runs from top to bottom this book covers it in depth.

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