Play Space Invaders With Real Lasers!

Maker Martin Raynsford his laser cutter to play Space Invaders:


The project spent about 4 months in the idea stage and 4-5 nights in implementation. I wanted to use as much of the existing laser cutter as possible, this is after all an essential machine that I need to do my work on. The laser cutter in question is a Whitetooth A1 machine with an 80W laser tube. Once the break in board was ready I realised how much faster it would be to complete, and given that the main controller is an Arduino it made sense to set Arduino Day 2015 as the deadline. Preliminary tests were carried out to make sure that I could drive the stepper motors and that the paper would burst into flames as desired and then the game was afoot. My previous experiments into open source controllers on our lasers, gave me a decent head start so I knew it was all possible.

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