Chili Cookoff

This weekend the Kissimmee lakefront hosts the annual Sunshine regional Chili Cookoff.  Teams of cook compette in a number of events including best Chili, Best Salsa, Best White Chili and others.   A highlight of the event scedual every year the cook features music and events for the kids alon side the competition events.   Be sure to come out and help support the local community.

Gawker Media Hacked.. kissimmee florida

Anyone who created accounts to comment on any Gawker media blogs should take steps to ensure there passwords have no been compromised.   This a good reminder for users to remember to always change passwords regularly and not to use the same password for muliplt sites. The sites compromised include 

kissimmee florida

First Patch Tuesday Of The New Year

This Tuesday will be the first patch Tuesday of the new year.  Microsofts latest round of updates include three patches to seal security vulnerabilities.   There is also sure to be an update the ever present windows malicious software removal tool.  However there will still be a number of recently discovered Internet Explorer vulnerabilities left unpatched.   As always it is important for all Windows users to patch and update their computers as soon as updates are made available.  These updates are your first line of defense against malware, spyware, viruses, and trojans.  If you have any issues installing Microsoft Updates you are encouraged to make an appointment as soon possible; difficulty installing updates is a sure sign of a larger problem. 

kissimmee florida