Online Dating Scams

Just in time for Valentines Day how to spot a con artist pretending to love you.  Warms my heart just thinking of it!



With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us, millions will be looking for love online. Whether it’s Tinder, OkCupid or, the sad but true reality is that online dating is a hotbed of tricks, lies and scams. They say that love is blind, but if your eyes are open to these common warning signs, there’s a better chance your love’s labors won’t be lost.

Here’s six online dating scams to look out for.

Online dating scam sign 1: “I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t love you”

Our first tip is the most important, and combines two top-level warning signs in one. First: they come on too strong, telling you that you’re their soulmate after a few hours of chatting. Secondly – and this is the part to watch out for – they ask you for money.

Thinking you’re falling in love softens your natural suspicions towards others on the web; this might sound obvious, but it works a depressing amount of the time. They tell you they need you to pay half their ticket fare to visit you, or that they sent you a present but it’s stuck in customs and could you please just pay to get it released? Sometimes they’ll wheel out a sob story from their family and ask for thousands of dollars – the average online dating fraud victim pays out over $13,000.

No matter how strong you feel your bond is, check yourself before you send money to someone you’ve never met. Suggest you pay them back in person when you meet, if you like, but if they’ve really fallen for you, they should be able to look past the money. If they lose interest as soon as you decline to pay out, they’re not really interested in you.

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