Google Doesn’t Want My $900!

On November 27th I gave in to temptation and order a Google Pixel.  It’s everything I want in a phone and they had a good financing deal.

The phone was back ordered but I ordered it anyway.  I could wait a few weeks.

A week after placing the ordering using Googles own financing program I get an email on the 7th telling me the order is on hold.

I call and get a very very very confused woman with a foreign accent on the line.  She seems unable to understand the issue.  I keep explaining I have no bank to contact about payment, I was approved for their own Financing.  I ask to speak with a  supervisor.  I’m put on hold for a looong time.  The same girl comes back on and explains it was just a glitch and to ignore the e-mail.

The next day my phone rings I answer it and no one is there.  I look up the number and it turns out it is Google.  I call them back talk to another girl with an accent who tells me everything is fine and the payment has processed and the phone will ship eventually.

Today on the 11th I wake up to an e-mail telling me the order has been canceled.  

I call I’m told they tried to process the payment 5 times and it failed.  

So lets look at that closely.  

First, it’s a payment from their own bank that was approved solely for this purchase.

Second, it’s the total opposite of what I was told the TWO times I contacted them.

Third, I checked the status of my order multiple times daily and this issue was never indicated anywhere.

I waited two hours for a supervisor to call me back.  I finally called back and now was told I have to wait another two hours for a supervisor to call me back.

I have never in my life had a company go out of their way to make it impossible for me to purchase from them. 

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