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Is Your Office Too Warm?

Recently I upgraded the video card and processor in my own personal computer. Despite having 5 fans and a giant upgraded heatsink my entire computer was getting dangerously hot. Time to upgrade the fans. After a bit of reading I made the choice to purchase a Noctua fan.  Considered by many to be the best fans on the market and very reasonably priced at only 2-x4x  the cost of cheap noisy generic fans. The price gets even better when you open the box, unlike with generic fans Noctua provides all the parts you could need, screws, sound dampeners, power cables and splices, thermal compound, etc.

The results of from installing just one 120mm fan for $20 have been remarkable. Not only have temperatures for my case and processor dropped by 30-40 degrees celsius.  My entire office is noticeably cooler. By moving air more efficiently through the case the heat is now being swept out of the room.  I’m totally amazed by the effect one $20 fan has had.

Noctua also makes a line of highly rated coolers and heatsinks.  Again they are highly rated and loved among professionals.  Their mounting hardware is hands down the best in the industry and Noctua will provide free mounting hardware for life so if a new socket design hits the market you can change your mount for free.

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