It’s Time To Upgrade

This month marks the end of Windows XPs long and successful life.   After this months round of updates there will be no more security fixes for Windows XP.

What does this mean for you?  Well if you are running an older a computer that still uses Windows XP it means that security holes are no longer being patched, so soon –I suspect very soon– Windows XP will be impossible to secure and will be overrun with viruses and malware.  

I strongly suspect criminals have been holding back on exploits waiting for this month to hit.

You have three choices on how to deal with this issue:

1.    Bury your head in the sand ignore the problem and blame Microsoft.  Leaving yourself open to malware that can and will do any number things including get into your bank accounts.
2.    If your computer is new enough and can support it upgrade to your choice of either Windows 7 or 8.
3.    Buy a new computer.

Windows 7 and 8 upgrades cost $175 and include data migration.

Our custom built computers start at $500, all our customs built computers include data migration and are built and serviced by us a local company, there is no corporate red tape to deal with if you have a problem.  Just friendly, fast, courteous and knowledgeable service from a person you know. 

This is an issue that you can not ignore, deal with it now before you have a problem.


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