Makerbot Shows Off New Line Of 3D Printers At CES

I so want one of these.

The two high-end new printers also ship with scanners to make it easy to copy existing shapes, and internal cameras and small exterior LCDs so you can monitor the build in detail while it’s in progress. There’s also a cloud-based, easy modelling app for making new 3D shapes for your printers.

Additionally Pettis announced a store selling cheap 3D files — $1 each — that will co-exist with Thingiverse, Makerbot’s repository of free/shareable 3D objects. It’s not clear to me what relationship these two will have, though — there’s good reason to worry that the store will pick off the best of Thingiverse’s stuff and put it behind the paywall, and that this will put the brakes on the collaborative improvement of designs that makes Thingiverse such a marvel. It’ll be interesting to see how Makerbot manages this tension.

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