Why Do People Go Nuts Trying To Trick People Into Clicking like On Facebook

Guess what.  No one is ever going to make a donation, win a bet, get help or anything else if they get 10,000 likes. Or maybe it’s not likes, maybe it’s “type x here and something awesome happens!” Nothing ever happens though. So why do people make these viral posts?  Some just do it for fun, some do it to build up an audience and trick Facebook into giving them higher placement.  Dylandoes has a great post about :



To get to a proper answer to that question, you have to get a little nerdy. It’s all about the Facebook Like algorithm. The secret formula that makes activities such as sharing, commenting and liking a post such a valuable commodity.

The Facebook Like algorithm is Facebook’s way of dictating if content is of any value to users. The more likes/shares/comments it gets, the more exposure to certain people it, and the profile it belongs to, will get both short term and long term.

All these metrics contribute to a users ‘EdgeRank’ – the score your profile is given that dictates how your page interacts with other profiles on Facebook.  The greater a page/profiles edge rank is, the more it will be exposed in people’s newsfeed. EdgeRank is the reason you see a lot of rubbish in your Facebook newsfeed these days. Certain people and pages have EdgeRank factors that Facebook have decided are relevant to you.


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