Oxford University Says Mac Flashback Worst Malware In 9 Years…

The Oxford University IT help desk says they have not had this many students seeking aid due to a maleware infection since 2003’s Blaster Worm:



Over the past couple of weeks, OxCERT have been somewhat overwhelmed by Mac malware. This isn’t quite the first time we’ve dealt with problems on Macs – we’ve seen several compromised over the years through weak or exposed ssh credentials, and others infected as a result of installing pirated software. But with Flashback, the game has changed forever. We are seeing huge numbers of attacks of the sort that Windows users have had to contend with for years. Apple users, and indeed Apple themselves, just have not been ready. We are dealing with what is probably the biggest outbreak since Blaster struck the Windows world all the way back in the summer of 2003. That time OxCERT dealt with around 1000 incidents; we have seen several hundred Flashback incidents and they keep on coming.


If you A re victim of the Mac Flashback virus we can help you.


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