Will Your Computer Be Able To Browse The Net After March 8th…

Many of our customers who have suffered through a virus infection know that often the virus will cause your browser to be redirected to strange web sites.  This is done through what is known as a DNS server.  DNS Servers are like the phone book of the net, they take the name of the site you are looking for and convert it to a numerical address.  Change a computers DNS Server to one you control and you have taken over the net for that computer.

In November an international raid arrested 6 Estonian men that had been behind the DNSChanger virus.  At this time they took over the rouge DNS servers and have been operating them for the past few months.   Thousands of users worldwide are still having their web traffic redirected to these DNS server, meaning thousands of computers are still infected.   On March 8th they will be shutting off these servers for good.  Anyone still infected with the DNSChanger virus will no longer be able to browse the net.

You can test to see if you are being redirected by going to www.dns-ok.us.    If your DNS fails to properly resolve it is very important to schedule an appointment.



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