Virus Infections On The Rise…

Over the past few months we have noticed a very very sever increase in the number of active viruses.  There are currently a number of entry points all of which seem to be cross browser attacks mostly exploiting JavaScript.  We have also notice a very sharp increase in the number of phishing e-mails and Trojan e-mails.   User need to avoid clicking on any links sent to them in an e-mail attachment.  Even if it appears that the e-mail is from a friend or company with which you have a relationship.  Our tests show that within seconds of opening one of these the PC is infected with a number of viruses.  Again these attacks affect all browsers and seem to be able to circumvent every security package.


If your PC becomes infected it is important to bring it to us immediately.   Attempting to repair the PC on your own can cause irreversible loss of data.  In particular if you have an infection that removes desktop icons and Start Menu items DO NOT attempt to repair this on your own.

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