The Man Who Created The First Anti-Virus Lives Alone Surrounded By Staff And Guards.

This is a Great Article from Gizmodo about how unstable John McAfee has become. He sold his stake in his own company and has used his fortune to move further and further away from society for the past two decades.

ONE DAY THIS past spring, shortly before the police raid, I paid a visit to McAfee. I’d known John personally for five years, having first met him when I traveled to his ranch in rural New Mexico, an adventure-sports reporter who found him to be a genuinely charismatic entrepreneur and thrill-seeker. By now, though, I’d become convinced he was a compulsive liar if not an outright psychopath, albeit one whose life as a thrill-seeking serial entrepreneur was as entertaining for me to follow as it was amusing for him to perform.

By the time I’d arrived in country, I’d heard that his circumstances had soured since we’d last been in touch—that his business relationships had fallen apart and he’d become estranged even from the other caution-to-the-wind expats in Belize. “He is one strange cookie,” a British hostel owner told me.

At the time, he was in residence not at his compound in the interior, near the town of Orange Walk, but at his beachfront property on the tourist-friendly island of Ambergris Caye. I pulled up in a golf cart to the rear entrance to his home and found him sitting by a pool overlooking the ocean—trim, tanned, and relaxed in flip-flops, cargo shorts, and frosted hair. As usual, he wore a goatee and a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off the tattoos that ran up his arms and over his back, with sunglasses on Croakies around his neck. He invited me to sit with him in a screened-in porch. Two young Belizean women lounged in the adjacent living room.

Update 11/13/2012:  According to Slate Mcaffe is now wanted for Murder.

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