Novembers Patch Tuesday Is An Important One…

This months round of updates from Microsoft patches a large number of security holes.  Many of these fixes repair critical holes in the Windows kernel and close holes present across the entire Windows product line.

From Brian Krebs:

Of note in these patches is a critical update for Internet Explorer 9 that fixes three flaws in IE (these bugs do not exist in older versions of IE, according to Microsoft). Other critical updates address extremely dangerous flaws in core Windows components, such as the Windows shell and Windows Kernel; these vulnerabilities are present in nearly all supported versions of Windows.

All of the critical updates earned the most dire marks on Microsoft’s “exploitability index,” which tries assess the likelihood that attackers will devise remote code execution attacks and denial of service exploits within 30 days of a security bulletin release.

As always it is of key 

important that customers make sure these patches are applied.  If you have any issues applying Windows Updates it is a sign of a sever problem that could lead identity theft and other real world problems.

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