November Roundup..

Not even halfway through the month and we already have a nice long list of critical updates. As usual Adobe and Java lead the list of dangerous exploits.  F-Secure Has a nice round up of the month so far. 

Java! Be sure your Java Runtime client is up to date. (Check your version here.) Our single biggest detection based on upstream data is: Exploit:Java/Majava.A. Java Runtime is the number one target bar none.

And the second most common detection based on our upstream data is: 


. An exploit for Adobe Reader, which you can see from the CVE number, dates back to 2010. So make sure you’re running the latest version of Adobe Reader.

But even then, be aware there’s an Adobe Reader zero-day vulnerability being reported by Group-IB.

The vulnerability is significant because it is able to exploit current, and up to date, versions of Adobe Reader. And is able to break out of Reader’s sandbox to exploit the host computer.

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