Watch Out For Fraudsters In Political Clothing…

As the election draws closer confidence men taking advantage
of peoples desire to support their party of choice.  In addition to the normal phone scams a
number of fake party websites have been found in the wild.

Consumer advocate and Reuters’ contributor Mitch Lipka
reported two phony donation sites recently, using the names and Both are
the work of the same person, talk about bipartisan! And nothing to do with the
Republican or Democratic parties, even though the sites looked quite convincing
(they have been changing since they were discovered).

The scam is pretty straightforward: A private individual
registers official sounding domains and builds websites that look like they
belong to legitimate political organizations, then crafts a “Donate” button
that sends money directly to his or her PayPal account. The alleged fraudster
has since argued that the sites were not fraudulent because they contained
small print disavowing any connection to the election or political parties
(probably the lamest fraud defense I’ve ever read). 

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