Computer security convention now under way at the Rio

Posted: Aug. 5, 2011 | 2:01 a.m.

This is a big week in Las Vegas for computer hackers. The long-running DefCon conference, which will also host the inaugural DefCon Kids, has taken over the Rio.

At Caesars Palace, the biggest technical security conference, Black Hat USA 2011, wrapped up Thursday. The event hosted more than 50 training courses on the latest security research and workshops dedicated to presenting practical applications to securing computer infrastructure.

DefCon attendees include more than hackers. The 19th annual conference brings together about 10,000 government employees, security professionals, lawyers, as well as hackers.

Among the dozen kids’ workshops will be one panel on Saturday titled “Meet the Feds,” which will inform computer savvy children about the risks and rewards of using their coding skills to break into computers.

The workshops are aimed at beginner hackers age 8 to 16. For adult hackers, workshops include “Deceptive Hacking: How Misdirection Can Be Used To Steal Information Without Being Detected” or “Strategic Cyber Security” and “the Art of Trolling Online.”


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