Don’t Put Off That Repair…

Often just like everything in life a sporadic computer problem will show up and we will put it off for another day.  It’s annoying but it’s still working so I’ll get it looked at tomorrow, or maybe if I download one more fix it program it will work.


Recently we had a customer who put off brining in their computer due to life’s little inconveniences.  They tried a number of programs, they scanned the hard drive, they ran registry fixers, they did a factory reinstall, and they ultimately lost all of their business data.   Their hard drive was dying; all their efforts accomplished were to hasten the death of the hard drive.  By the time it came to us it was totally unrecoverable.  If it had been brought to use to begin with it would have been a simple job to clone the old drive on to a new one and the customer would have never noticed a difference. 


Don’t put off that repair.

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