Important Info For Playstation Users!

Not going to write a long detailed post about the playstation network hack.  Just going to say don’t listen to Sony, just call your bank and get a new credit card number.  At this point you can’t trust a word they say, just play it safe and get a new credit card and hopefully you did not use your password anyhwhere else.


For those who might not know:


Sony, which announced on April 26 that information from 77 million PlayStation Network user accounts could have been stolen, added another 25 million compromised accounts to the list May 2. The newly added accounts are on its online multiplayer division, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

The massive data breach that exposed information from more than 100 million PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment user accounts may end up being the most expensive data breach of all time.

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Hackers stole personal data, including credit and debit card information, in a complex attack that could cost Sony and credit card issuers $1 to $2 billion, experts say.

“This may be the mother of all data breaches at this point,” says Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute, a research organization in Traverse City, Mich., that publishes an annual study on the cost of data breaches.


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