Easy Spring Maintenance…

Here is a bit of computer repair and maintenance that anyone can do for themselves.    Pull out your computer and disconnect all wires.  On the back of the CPU you will find two screws often you will not even need a screw driver to remove these –in some cases there might be a latch or other mechanism instead of screws-  you should now be able to slide the side of the case off.  Don’t be nervous there is very little damage you can do.  Now take a can of compressed air and blow out any dust you find.  Close to the middle of the opening there should be a very large fan.  Make sure that fan and all the metal fins underneath it are clean and air can pass over them.   Clean your fans and heatsinks is simple and easy and can save you a fortune.  Overheating shortens the life span of computer components and makes you computer run slower.

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