Hard Drive Prices Skyrocket…



Thailand is the second largest producer of hard drives in the world.   Monsoons and flooding have devastated the country and have caused a shortage of hard drives.  Prices have already quadrupled in some cases and are expected to climb even higher.    The price increase will affect everything that uses a hard drive and will continue well into 2012.  We will still provide top quality service and our normal reasonable prices, however hard drives will cost a lot more for the foreseable future.


Current HDD inventories will be depleted this quarter, which will offset some HDD production shortfall, IDC said.

“We generally believe the HDD industry will find way to return to pre-flood production levels by March, but by that point HDD supplies will be at extremely low levels,” Rydning said. “It’s still going to be a pretty painful period from December through February for most HDD customers.”

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